Treehouse Bungalows in North Goa


The concept of this residential development is Treehouse Bungalows that float above the land, while the biodiversity of the land remains and flourishes under the homes.

The vision behind this exclusive Villa project is to create a genre of residential housing that sits lightly on the land, and is entirely sustainable.

An Entirely uncommon concept, to our knowledge this is the first of its kind in India. We believe it raises the bar tremendously for eco-sensitive housing in India.

The developers are a reputed Construction group, that believes in creating spaces that allow people to get in touch with their inner Self, through Nature. It is a profound way of creating new living spaces and new communities.

The buildings at this project are a playful interaction with nature, with mature trees intertwining with the buildings, skywalks that engage all the senses, while providing vistas to the river water and the biodiversity of animals, birds, butterflies, and a humongous variety of flora, while the breezes play with your hair.

Asking price ranges from Rs 3 crores upwards!
Contact www-aasmagroupgoa-com for more details and options!


  • Reference: 2243
  • name: Sneha
  • phone: +91 95884 27924
  • Type: Bungalow
  • Sold: No
  • Contract:
  • Status: BUY
  • Location: Dhargal
  • Home area: 3,635 sqmt
  • Beds: 4


  • Luxury
  • River-View




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